What is Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a treatment that uses the properties of water to rehabilitate and improve an animals function in a heated, sanitized pool. Dogs that are suffering from medical conditions, obesity, muscle wastage or post-surgery will benefit greatly from hydrotherapy. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise without any pressure on the joints and uses nearly all the muscles in the dogs body, it is a non-weight bearing/low impact form of exercise utilising the resistance of water.

In aquatic treadmill the water height can be adjusted to precisely control the amount of weight bearing, we can also use many different advanced techniques to further rehabilitation and target problem areas. When swimming in water dogs cannot move quickly, which provides protection and reduces the risk of injury and in turn this helps to increase muscle strength and bulk. Whilst dogs are in the water they are subject to hydrostatic pressure and this can help to reduce swelling and pain especially in the lower limbs.

The hydrotherapy pool is kept at a constant 28-30 degrees, the warm water and the hydrostatic pressure of the water helps to promote blood circulation around the body, this helps to promote healing and can have a pain-relieving effect.

We can treat healthy dogs to help increase fitness and stimulation. Our pool is 6m x 3m allowing them plenty of room for swimming and having fun by playing and chasing toys. Our pool has been installed specifically for dogs the pool has access to all sides whilst the dog is in the water and is recessed so that it is totally accessible without the need for lifting and hoist equipment. We also have full ramp access to ensure that all dogs receive maximum benefit from their time in the water.